VPTZH-01 w/ Remote PTZ Software



VDO360 HD PTZ USB Camera
1920×1080 Effective Pixels
Comes with Wall Mount
Handheld IR Remote
USB Cable

Product Description

VDO360 Webcam HD PTZ USB WebCamera

Presenting the VDO360 VPTZH-01 with Remote PTZ Software

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This camera is truly defining where web conferencing can go on a budget. Call Haverford systems on Skype, google hang out, cisco jabber or a goto meeting call for seeing the video quality.

HD PTZ USB WebCam Features



Lens: low-light CMOS
Lens area: 1 / 2.7″
Effective pixels: 1920×1080 Pixels
Zoom: 12x zoom lens
Focal length: 4.0 ~ 48.0 mm
Lens angle: maximum 43 °, minimum 7 °
Video format: MJPG, 720P, 1280×720, 640×480, 848×480, 800×600,VGA, CIF, QCIF
Pan: 300 ° left to right
Tilt: 90 °
Operating voltage: 12 V external DC
Operating Current: 800mA mechanical PTZ
Video unit: 110mA
Dimensions: W90 x L110 x H105

VDO360 WEB CAMERA USB Features Continued

  • Low-light CMOS, adaptive brightness adjustment
  • 1280X720 format for high definition output
  • USB2.0 digital interface, driver free installation
  • Low CPU utilization
  • FPF focus control mode, (locks the focus point image)
  • Manual fine-tuning focus via remote
  • Compatible with the majority of videoconferencing software
  • Supports Linux and Android as well as Mac iOS
  • Infrared remote control operation, effective distance 7m
  • Supports RS232 serial control
  • Standard tripod bracket screw holes for easy installation

About VDO360

VDO360, a company founded by industry professionals, announced the release of their new 720P USB HD pan, tilt, and 12x zoom camera, model VPTZH-01. This groundbreaking product will enable Business, Education and Telemedicine to enjoy visual communications at a fraction of the traditional cost. The compact camera is controlled via a wireless remote or RS232 VISCA commands. Manufacture www.VDO360.com

vdo360 Back USB Webcamera

Back of VDO360 USB Webcam

VDO360 WebCam HD USB PTZ Web Camera

VDO360 WebCam HD USB PTZ Web Camera

VDO360 WebCam Remote Control

VDO360 WebCam Remote Control


Technical Specifications PDF

Technical Specifications

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 16 x 8 in

FAQs for VPTZH-01

Q: Image width appears to be compressed (distorted aspect ratio) on the HaddleCam HD 18x demo video. Is this typical of this unit?
— Asked by Gerry King on May 1, 2014
A: The intro video was recorded in 1080p and the USB connection was recorded in 720p using Zoom.US. The camera is definitely capable of 1080p 60fps.
— paul0017

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