Vaddio EasyTalk USB Audio Bundle System C

Vaddio EasyTalk USB Audio Bundle System C


USB audio conferencing solution for medium size rooms using PC-based unified communication applications that require ceiling installation. Both microphones and speakers are recessed in the ceiling. The system includes two EasyMic Ceiling MicPods for extended coverage within the room and two ceiling speakers to maximize sound distribution within the room.

Perfect for conference rooms, training rooms and larger board rooms with medium sized tables. Check with Haverford Systems about the amount of seats being covered and who needs to be heard clearly.

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Product Description

Vaddio EasyTalk USB Audio Bundle System C

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Vaddio EasyUSB Ceiling Microphones

  • One EasyUSB Mixer Amp
  • Two White EasyMic Ceiling MicPODs with integrated Echo Canceling
  • One Pair two of Bose DS-16 Ceiling Speakers in white with Tile
  • Support Braces and Plenum Back Can

The Vaddio EasyTalk USB Audio Bundles System C is intended for medium size conference rooms (20’ x 30’) with typically 2 to 20 participants. A second EasyMic device is added to extend microphone coverage for the larger room applications. In addition, the EasyTalk USB solution can be paired with the Vaddio HD-USB PTZ Camera to implement a complete AV conferencing solution for the PC or MAC. These products are offered in pre-configured room bundles for common conferencing applications or create your own custom solution by purchasing each appliance individually.

Intended Use with HD-USB PTZ Camera

vaddio EasyUSB system C easyTalk

vaddio EasyUSB system C easyTalk

Mixer Connection

1) Power Connector: 5.5mm OD x 2.5mm ID positive center coaxial connector for 18 VDC, 2.75 Amp power supply. The supply also provides power to the EasyMic MicPODs and the EasyMic Ceiling MicPODs.
2) Settings: 8-position dip switches for configuration of advanced operational modes and audio processing
3) USB: USB Type B-Female connector for interface with Host PC. This connector allows for Streaming audio, to and from, the EasyUSB Mixer/Amp. It emulates a standard USB Audio Class device and eliminates need for customer drivers.

4) RS-232: RJ-45 connector with RS-232 functionality (see appendix for pin-out) .Control port for use with Vaddio WEBBi or third party control systems (AMX and Crestron). This port supports Vaddio ASCII command protocol. It also includes an operational mode for direct connection to Vaddio PTZ cameras for preset execution with One-Touch camera preset button.
5) Speakers: Two amplifier output ports with 2-pos phoenix-type terminals. Each port supports 20W into an 8 ohm loudspeaker load. Class-D amplifier is capable of supporting loads down to 4 ohms. Both Amplifier outputs have the same audio signal (Mono).
6) Line Input & Output: Unbalanced RCA line level input and output port for connection to external A/V devices such as video conferencing codec, external amplifier, or recorder. It supports a nominal level of -10dBU.
7) EasyMic Ports: Two proprietary RJ-45 ports for connecting EasyMic (Pod or Ceiling Array) to the EasyUSB Mixer/Amp. Connection provides power, control, and audio to the EasyMic device over standard CAT-5 cable for up to 100 feet. Echo Cancellers are in the microphones, one per mic element.


EasyTalk USB Tools

EasyMic MicPOD

The EasyMic MicPOD is a proprietary tabletop microphone device for use with the EasyUSB Mixer/Amp. It incorporates three unidirectional microphone elements and three acoustic echo cancellers for premium 360 degree coverage. The EasyMic MicPOD performs the Hands-Free audio processing required for conferencing applications. The pod also includes user interface buttons for typical functions used during an audio conference.

Technical Specifications

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 8 in



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FAQs for Vaddio EasyTalk USB Audio Bundle System C

Q: Image width appears to be compressed (distorted aspect ratio) on the HaddleCam HD 18x demo video. Is this typical of this unit?
— Asked by Gerry King on May 1, 2014
A: The intro video was recorded in 1080p and the USB connection was recorded in 720p using Zoom.US. The camera is definitely capable of 1080p 60fps.
— paul0017

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