Phoenix Audio Duet VCA
Phoenix Audio Duet VCA

Phoenix Audio Duet VCA


• Echo cancellation
• Full duplex audio
• Noise suppression
• De-reverb filtering
• Automatic gain control
• Durable aluminum casing
• LED lit control
• Mute button
• Small footprint design

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Product Description

Phoenix Audio Duet VCA

Duet-MT202-VCA Data Sheet

Phoenix Audio Duet VCA a

Phoenix Audio Duet VCA a


The Duet VCA is a compact, personal speakerphone that is perfect for desktop and small to midsized conference rooms. It has a built in microphone and speakers which deliver a large range of coverage due to their immense pickup and output ability. The unrivaled Duet is light weight and has a discrete design making it conveniently portable for hands-free conferencing. All Duet models come standard with a USB interface, allowing you to connect the device to your computer for VoIP conferencing and recording. Visit our website to download our free Recording Utility. The MT202-VCA model has USB and Video Codec connectivity.
The USB allows for connection to any computer for VoIP sessions, such as Skype, Vidyo, etc. RCA jacks enable connection to a Video Codec (or any analog interface) to create 3-way bridging between multiple communication sources.

  • Small offices or home offices

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 8 in

Size 3.75 in x 1.25 in x 4.5 in (W x H x D) Weight 0.55 lbs (with USB cable) Power USB power for PC and Laptop (LED will illuminate) Audio 100% Full duplex performance – No attenuation (either way) during full duplex Acoustic echo cancellation >40 dB High-end performance: Conforms to ITU-T G.167 Standard Noise cancellation >10dB Residual echo is suppressed to the Environment Noise Level to Prevent Artificial Ducking of Signal Voice level equalization Convergence speed 40 dB/sec Tail length (200ms) Convergence during full duplex (no recovery time after full duplex) Low delay (10 msec) Bandwidth 20 – 7500 kHz for Speech Processing Maintains the Soundcard bandwidth Integrated loudspeaker Mute button and loudspeaker volume control buttons (LED will blink in mute mode) Performance Speech processing and echo suppression at 32KHz sampling rate HD speaker audio (16KHz bandwidth) Maintains audio performance of the PC for HiFi audio applications when external speakers are connected. Plugging in external speakers will automatically turn off the speakerphone. Connectivity USB connector – PC or Laptop connectivity 3.5mm connection for external loudspeakers or headphone Warranty Two Years

FAQs for Phoenix Audio Duet VCA

Q: Image width appears to be compressed (distorted aspect ratio) on the HaddleCam HD 18x demo video. Is this typical of this unit?
— Asked by Gerry King on May 1, 2014
A: The intro video was recorded in 1080p and the USB connection was recorded in 720p using Zoom.US. The camera is definitely capable of 1080p 60fps.
— paul0017

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