Phoenix Audio Quattro3 Powered Daisy Chain
Phoenix Audio Quattro3 Powered Daisy Chain

Phoenix Audio Quattro3 Powered Daisy Chain



  • Four microphone beamforming array
  • Full duplex communication
  • Echo cancelling
  • Noise suppression
  • De‐reverb
  • Automatic gain control
  • Daisy chainable
  • Single source daisy chain powering
  • Interchangeable interface modules
  • Durable aluminum casing
  • LED lit control buttons


  • USB cable
  • Daisy chain cable (Ethernet) 6 Feet in Length
  • Interchangeable wire slot cover
  • User manual

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Product Description

Phoenix Audio Quattro3 Powered Daisy Chain

Quattro3 MT304 Data Sheet



The Quattro3 (Q3) is a high-quality conference speakerphone that will turn any room into a professionally sounding conference room. It has an exceptionally large pickup and broadcasting range, yet is small in size and discrete in design. The Quattro3 utilizes multiple microphones, a uniquely designed speaker, and a powerful DSP to achieve commanding performance. The Quattro3 MT304 model connects to any computer and allows you the option to power daisy chain Quattro3 units via one power source without the need of another interface.

The Quattro3 MT304 is an ideal USB solution for:

  • Large locations that require a daisy chain link but have only one power source
  • Quattro3 ceiling mount installations
  • Small offices or home offices
  • Small to very large conference rooms
  • Classrooms and training rooms

The Q3 is compatible with PC (Windows and Linux) and Macintosh (MAC OS).

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 8 in

Connections UBS interface (mini B connector) 3.5mm external loudspeaker and microphone jack Volume Up / Volume Down buttons Daisy chain expandability of up to 15 units Power consumption: 5V 500mA peak through USB and wall mount AC/DC converted. Audio Frequency response 50Hz – 16 KHz Low latency (10ms) Broadcast level (peak): 92dB SPL @1m (5 watts RMS) Noise cancellation > 10dB (without pumping noise) 100% full duplex – no attenuation (in either direction) during full duplex High-end performance confirms to ITU-T G.167 Acoustic echo cancellation > 40dB with conversion speed of 40dB/sec Residual echo is suppressed to the environment noise level, preventing artificial ducking of signal 4 high-quality directional microphones Direction-finding algorithm (determines the presence and direction of a speaker) Beamforming algorithm (forms and directs audio beams towards a defined direction) Automatic voice-level adjustment (AGC) Dimensions Dimension: 7” diameter, 1-7/8” height Weight: 1.75 lbs Metal case and metal grill mesh for high RFI immunity and product durability Software Plug-and-play – No installation or drivers Audio setup utility is available for Windows The setup utility helps monitor the audio input and output level but is not required Recording utility is available for Windows Recording utility allows you to record conversations to your computer via the device Operating systems: Windows 98 and up / Linux / MacOS Accessories USB cable Daisy chain cable (Ethernet) 6 Feet in Length Warranty Two years

FAQs for Phoenix Audio Quattro3 Powered Daisy Chain

Q: Image width appears to be compressed (distorted aspect ratio) on the HaddleCam HD 18x demo video. Is this typical of this unit?
— Asked by Gerry King on May 1, 2014
A: The intro video was recorded in 1080p and the USB connection was recorded in 720p using Zoom.US. The camera is definitely capable of 1080p 60fps.
— paul0017

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