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HuddleCam-HD 10X

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Introducing the All New HuddleCam-HD with 10X Optical Zoom, 1920×1080 resolution at 30 FPS. Ask about discounts for Education and Government Agencies. 

huddleCamHD 10X

huddleCamHD 10X

HuddleCam-HD 10X Overview Take the lead with USB 3.0USB 3.0 is 10x faster than USB 2.0 video conferencing speeds for full 1920×1080 video resolutions and super fast PTZ

huddlecamHD remote

huddlecamHD remote

Controls. USB 3.0 is 10X faster than USB 2.0 allowing for exceptional video quality using your favorite web based video conferencing solutions! Test with Google Hangout, Skype and Zoom.US this camera works with virtually every system that accepts USB cameras! You will be surprised when you see the fast pan tilt zoom control and responsiveness on this unit! HuddleCamHD 10x brochure reviews all the technical specifications with USB 3.0 video conferencing camera. The HuddleCamHD 10X Optical Zoom Camera is ready to ship. This affordable USB 3.0 webcam with real optical zoom is the way to go for high quality USB video conferencing.

HuddleCam-HD 10X RemoteThe HuddleCam-HD 10X remote control offers both fast and slow Pan TiltZoom controls. With options for up to 64 presets you can easily provide easy video conferencing set-up. Controls for auto, manual, far and near focus are one button away. This remote control can support up to 3 cameras in the same room.

Free Jabra Speak 510 Wireless/Bluetooth USB Chatpod

jabra speak 510

The Jabra Speak 510 makes a perfect wireless microphone combination with the HuddleCamHD 10X 1920x1080p camera. Now you can sync up the Jabra Speak 510 to any Bluetooth enabled computer and achieve wireless audio pick up for any computer using GoToMeeting, WebEX, Skype, Google Hangouts, Fuzebox or Zoom.US. The Jabra Speak 510 comes completely free with any HuddleCamHD 10X.

Logitech CC3000e vs HuddleCamHD 10X HuddleCamHD USB 3.0 Video Conferencing Camera

  • HuddleCamHD 3X
  • $399
  • 1920x1080p
  • 3X
  • USB 2.0
  • 43°
  • ie_yes
  • ie_yes
  • 30fps
  • 64
  • Win 7, 8 & 8.1
  • ie_yes
  • ie_yes
  • ie_yes
  • ie_yes

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 18 x 16 in


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FAQs for HuddleCam-HD 10X

Q: Image width appears to be compressed (distorted aspect ratio) on the HaddleCam HD 18x demo video. Is this typical of this unit?
— Asked by Gerry King on May 1, 2014
A: The intro video was recorded in 1080p and the USB connection was recorded in 720p using Zoom.US. The camera is definitely capable of 1080p 60fps.
— paul0017

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