Bluetooth Wireless USB Speakers

Bluetooth Wireless USB Microphones

With only a few options for Bluetooth Wireless microphones available at the beginning on 2014 we put together the list of our favorite Small, Medium and Large Bluetooth options. Bluetooth is a great way to extend your microphone for a USB Web Video Conference System wirelessly. We review 3 of the top Bluetooth enabled wireless USB microphones used for general audio conferencing and a perfect compliment to any USB Video Conferencing System for Cloud Based VTC. We review Bluetooth Wireless USB Chatpods from Jabra, Konftel and Evoko. The Jabra Speak 510 is a great affordable goto bluetooth wireless USB microphones. We also have the Konftel 55W which has just introduced it’s USB, Bluetooth and Analog Conference phone capabilities. And finally the New Evoko Minto which covers a wooping 30’x30 area with 4 built in microphones.

Jabra Speak 510

  • 8’x8′ Coverage Area
  • Bluetooth Wireless USB Connection
  • $125.

Konftel 55W

  • 15’x15′ Coverage Area
  • Bluetooth Wireless USB Connection
  • $375.

Evoko Minto

  • 30’x30′ Coverage Area
  • Bluetooth Wireless USB Connection
  • $999.

Bluetooth Wireless USB Microphones

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